[140918 woozIco92 Instagram]

  • Zico: Just seven ugly dudes trying to make it
  • Jaehyo: I'm not ugly so it's six
  • Zico: ...
  •  ----------
  • Jaehyo: The reason I can't upload HD photos of the members is.. the HD is too good so they look uglier in the photo than in real life..
  • Block B: ...


get to know … woo jiho


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[140918] Twitter Taeil

허이차 ~_~v pic.twitter.com/6D6hNAwPbd

[ENG] Heoicha ~_~v

(T/N: This has no meaning, it’s just a sound effect)

[ESP] Heoicha ~_~v

(N/T: No tiene significado, solo es un efecto de sonido)

Trans: bontheblock
Trad español: sandraxp @ 7WannaB